Andrea Ge is a professional drummer. Born in Milan, he’s a GEMA member (composer and author). The impressive amount of his studio and live work and his remarkable technical versatility in blues, pop, rock, reggae and rap won him the praise of his colleagues. His skills in sequencer and drum programming reveals his ever growing interest in technology and experimentation.


He played in many albums and singles, working as a session drummer and playing live with top national and international musicians as: Mc. Auley (M.S.G.), Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Jeff Richman (MI teacher – Los Angeles), Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Y&T, Huey Lewis, V.Rossi), Xantonè Blacq (Amy Winehouse, Earth Wind & Fire), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), Michele Luppi (Vision Divine, Whitesnake), Roberto Tiranti (New Trolls, Labyrinth), Mark Harris (top session), Tony ‘doctah X’ Harrington (Papa Winnie, Ginger Baker, John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins), Vonn Washington, Enrico Ruggeri, Vasco Rossi, Katia Ricciarelli, Massimo Riva (Vasco Rossi, Steve Rogers Band), Sabrina SalernoMarco Costa (Sanremo ’98), Irene Lamedica (Sanremo ’99), Don Joe (Club Dogo), Neffa, Mr. Entics, Giusy Ferreri, Irene FornaciariFede Poggipollini (Litfiba, Ligabue), Simone Tomassini (Sanremo 2004),  Chicco Santulli (Gruppo Italiano), Dado Neri (G.Nannini, Celentano, Piero Pelù), Luigi Schiavone (E.Ruggeri), Max Gelsi (Elisa), Andrea Braido (Mina, Zucchero, Vasco Rossi), Maurizio Solieri (Vasco Rossi), Davide ‘Cesareo’ Civaschi (Elio e le Storie Tese), Ricky Portera (Lucio Dalla, Stadio), Roberto Priori (E.Finardi, 883), Andrea ‘Cucchia’ Innesto (Vasco Rossi), Saturnino (Jovanotti), Claudio ‘Gallo’ Golinelli (Vasco Rossi), Max Magagni (guru Fender), Gianluca Tagliavini (PFM), Fabrizio Palermo (E.Ruggeri, Ligabue, M.Masini, Oxa), Pier Mingotti (F.Guccini), Frank Nemola (Vasco Rossi), Gerardina Trovato,  Daniele Ronda, Andrea Mirò, Clara Moroni (Vasco Rossi), Matteo Setti and Marco Guerzoni (from Notre Dame De Paris original cast), Jessica Morlacchi (Gazosa), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire), GL (Extrema), Mattia Bigi (Biagio Antonacci, Morandi), Pier Gonella (Labyrinth, Odyssea). Andrea has been a member of various italian bands as: Sharks (Sanremo ’89-CGD), Clara & The Black Cars (Emi), Animali Rari (Ricordi), Exilia (GUN Records/ BMG Germany), Folder (RB Records-Japan), Queenmania, ZZ Locos etc.


In more than 2.000 live gigs to his credit, Andrea Ge toured extensively Italy as opening act for the likes of JETHRO TULL, DEEP PURPLE, VASCO ROSSI, HEROES DEL SILENCIO, JOE ELY, CLAUDIO BAGLIONI, JOVANOTTI and others. He also shared the limelights all over Europe (Russia included) with GLUCIFER, MAMBO KURT, THERAPY?, TRICKY, ROLLINS’ BAND, CARDIGANS, UNDERWATER CIRCLE, SEEED, SKINDRED, PARADISE LOST, H-BLOCKX, GUANO APES, ILL NINO, WITHIN’ TEMPTATION, DIE ARTZE, OOMPH!, IN EXTREMO, PINK, RAMMSTEIN and many others.


In Italy he appeared in many TV top events in Italy including “Festival di Sanremo“, “Festivalbar“, “Saint Vincent” and in the “Roxy Bar” and “Night Express” tv shows. He’s been the house drummer of the “JTV live show“, and took part in various promotional videos. Several top music mags wrote about him, such as Drum Club (I), Batteria e Percussioni (I), Ritmi (I), Drumset (I), Keyboards (D), Drums & Percussion (D).


After graduating at the NAMM school (1986-1992) under the guide of italian drum legend Tullio De Piscopo, Andrea started teaching drums in 1998 in Milan at Pickaboo (Yamaha School) and at Dimensione Musica in Bologna. From 1999 to 2004 he teached at Music Academy 2000 (MA Europe), and in 2010-2012 with a stint at Magazzini Musicali, a multimedia structure in Bologna. He also recorded and produced two albums of drum loops (G-FORCE, 2001; FUNK FOUNDATIONS, 2012) for the californian label Big Fish Audio. In February 2010 he released his first method, “HISTORY and TECHNIQUE of AFRO & AMERICAN STYLE” (in both italian and english languages), published and widely distributed by Carish all around Europe. In 2012 he became teacher in the drums department at the prestigious Accademia Musica Moderna in Milan, with the supervision of Maestro Franco Rossi. In 2018 he released the video tutorials “HOW TO PLAY BLUES and SHUFFLE BEATS” in italian and english language and “FOOT OSTINATOS – Latin essential”.


Alongside his busy agenda, in 2006 Andrea founded his agency Machada Promotion and started organizing tons of live gigs for italian and international rock bands.


Since 2006 to the beginning of 2017 Andrea Ge was the drummer of Queenmania, one of the most renowned Queen tribute bands, with hundreds of live gigs and an appearance at the “Official Queen Fan Club Convention” in England (2008), playing live with a pletora of special guests straight from the Gotha of both italian and international pop-rock scenes.

Now is a founder member of the EBM project Elektroboot also playing live with Simone Tomassini. He’s a regular contributor of the renowed drum magazine Drum Club for which he made the heading “Top Drummer”, “Drum & Passion”, “Routine di Studio” and “Batterista 4.0”. Drums Educator enabled by the Accademia Musica Moderna (Milano), he teaches at Music Academy.Eu in Bologna. He records instructional videos and studio tracks for several artists and bands.

Andrea Ge endorses: LUDWIG drums, PAISTE cymbals, VIC FIRTH drumsticks, REMO drumheads, TYCOON percussions.


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